Ready to take control of your business finances and stop worrying about your cashflow?

Then, it’s time to get your numbers in order and stay in control of the money in your business bank account so you can become more profitable! Learn how to make all of your hard earned money work for you. Register now for my Hands-On Business Budgeting Workshop!

All About the Workshop

In this workshop, I will cover the basics of budgeting as a business owner and we will work through creating your own business budget during the workshop. You will be able to walk away with a completed budget and have a plan for using it throughout the year so you can feel confident about your business’ financial health.

No more second guessing if you’ll be able to pay expenses, afford a new course or mastermind, or get hit with a huge tax bill that wipes out all of your profit. It’s time to take control of the money in your bank account and be in control of how it works for you so you can create the profitable business you’ve always wanted.

I know that budgeting doesn’t always sounds fun (unless you’re a numbers geek like me) – but this will be a game changer for you as the CEO of your business. You’ll be able to to step into your role as CEO with confidence and feel secure that your cashflow is taken care of.

Details & Schedule

  • Focused 90-minute workshop with time to complete your own budget
  • Hosted LIVE on Zoom with lifetime access to replay video
  • No-pitch or upsell during the workshop
  • Cost: $47 per person
  • Date: Tuesday, January 4, 2022 @ 1:00pm CST (Central/Chicago timezone)*

* Replay is available for everyone who registers if you can’t attend or want to rewatch the workshop

What You Need

  • Access to Google Sheets or Excel during workshop
  • General idea of your business expenses
  • Optional: Ability to access the last 12 months of your business transactions via bank statements or bank account access to use during the workshop

What You Will Get

  • Budget worksheet template and access to example final budget
  • Time to complete your budget from start to finish during the workshop
  • Guidance on how to analyze and use your budget throughout the year
  • Answers to any of your budget-specific questions

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Meet Julie

Business Strategist with Data Nerd superpowers

Hi! I’m Julie and I’m your Left Brain Guide for Business Growth. I live for spreadsheets, numbers, and data. I love analyzing data, planning a big project, and diving into accounting and business finances. But I also loving stepping back and looking at the big picture so you can stay on track.

I believe that all female entrepreneurs are capable of being a left brain thinker so they can see the whole big picture, too. I believe they can run their business as CEO and feel confident about how they are spending their time and hard earned money.

When I’m not using my data nerd superpowers, I’m usually with my family, cooking, crafting, or scrapbooking. That fulfills the creative, right-brain thinking my brain needs for all the left-brain work it does during the day.


Sweet Notes

From others who have worked with Julie

With over 7 years experience as a business owner and over 15 years using my data nerd superpowers, I’ve had the pleasure of helping other women in business achieve their goals. Here is what a few of them had to say about working with me….

“Julie’s been a great balance of everything I need. She’s supportive, challenging and shares her knowledge openly. Our sessions aren’t ‘just accountability’ they are meaty and I walk away with an action plan.”

– Tamara Harris (

“I have gotten excellent info and ideas from Julie while working together. She has been able to cut through a lot of ‘noise’ to get to the heart of the issues and also offer encouragement and next steps on a bite-sized basis.”

– Jean Bissell (Bissell Consulting LLC)

“Julie has been instrumental in helping me strategize & plan out steps to take for my business. Not only is she smart, meticulous, and concise, but she knows exactly how to pinpoint the problems at hand. She offers possible solutions and walks you through each scenario so you can decide for yourself whether it is the right fit for your business.”

– Diana Fuller (

“Julie has a gift with not only being able to cheer people on but also empower them. I felt comfortable with her right away! She has been a pivotable part of the success of my business in so many ways. She has helped me bring the ideas in my head to life for my courses and she truly is like my left brain. I don’t know what I would do without her help!”

– Hannah Stevenson (

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