What Services Do We Offer?

When it comes to your numbers, it’s time to put down the calculator and start partnering with someone who can have your back. We are here to be by your side whether you need a higher level, business financial strategy, offloading your bookkeeping for the firsts time, or looking to analyze your data in your business.

Fractional CFO Services

You’ve been in business a while and you are ready to take your business finances to the next level. You’ve got questions like, “How can I become more profitable?” and “Do I even have enough income or profit to ________ (hire a team, make a big investment, pay myself.)”

You just want to buy what you want, save what you need, and hit your business financial goals without crunching all the numbers.

Then the Your CFO BFF package may be the right fit, so you can work with a trusted advisor who will crunch the numbers and help you make business decisions that align with your business goals.

Your CFO BFF all-inclusive packages start at $1,500 per month.

Financial Planning

You might not be ready yet for a full-time CFO on retainer or you might already have a bookkeeper, but it’s just not enough. You just want to keep moving forward towards your goals. That might look like wanting to implement a business budget, figure out your cash projections, or see if a big investment is worth it.

Whatever it is, you know that you just need to talk to someone who gets the numbers side of business that can help you analyze your numbers so you can get answers fast. Then Your CFO BFF mini sessions are what you need to assess where you are now in your business finance journey and provide a quick solution so you can keep moving forward.

Your CFO BFF mini packages start at $250.


If you have to look at one more number you are going to lose your mind. You don’t have time to mess with the bookkeeping in your business because you need to get busy serving your customers! We totally get it.. but you know you need someone on your team who you can trust to handle the numbers.

Then Your Numbers BFF will help you focus back on your genius zone and money making tasks, while we take care of the books so you can keep growing your business.

Your Numbers BFF packages start at $400 per month.

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