Need a quick fix for your business finances? you figure out what the heck is going on with your money..

..and keep your momentum moving forward.. you can focus on making more money..

Then it’s time to hire a CFO for the Day

You’ve spent enough time to trying to figure out your numbers and you’ve got some people on your team, but you want that extra oversight to chat with a real numbers expert. Someone who can help you figure out what is all means and move forward. You don’t need an on-going retainer, but need to chat with someone at that level about your business. Then, leave it up to me, Your CFO BFF to jump into your business for the day, so you can keep that momentum moving forward.

You’ve got customers, but no clue when money is coming..

..and you have no clue on how to figure out when those payments will actually hit your bank account.

..all you know is that the expenses sure show up in your account consistently, but you want the same for your revenue.

Then it might be time to analyze your sales data and setup an automated system that will show you exactly what are making and when to expect it to hit the bank.

No more wondering when you’ll get paid, it’s time you know with certainty what you expect to be making so you can keep working towards your goals.

You manage your own numbers, but you need more training to do it on your own..

You want to manage your numbers (go girl!), but you want some oversight from a professional who can answer your questions..

..who can review, help with cleanup, and provide you with some training on how to use QuickBooks..

..who can help setup, suggest automations, and review data analysis spreadsheets so they work for you..

You know you’ve got this, you just need an expert to help freshen up your skills.

You just want to talk to someone who understands what the numbers.. you can feel more confident about the state of your business health.. you can know that your money is working for your and not against you.. you can actually take a breath without the worry because you’ve got someone on your side who can help you with the numbers.

Whether it’s data, finances, or both.. we’ve got you covered to help you keep moving forward.

..and that’s where I come in as Your CFO.. help you answer your questions, find a quick fix, build out a dashboard, help to clean up your finances.. you can and keep building that momentum..

Working together looks like a one-hour 1:1 CFO session.. a 3-hour Intensive.. or a VIP Day with multiple touch-points and me working right along side you to get the work done..

Whatever it is, you can get my 1:1 help to keep you moving forward so you can get back to being CEO..

..and use those numbers to make decisions in your business.

I am ready for it.. what are my options?

Fill out the information form below to book a discovery call so we can see if a VIP session is best for your business.

One-Hour CFO Session

You will submit a form before the call so we can hit the ground running. We will have 60-minutes packed of answering your questions and keeping you moving forward so you can walk away with the information about your numbers.

One-Hour CFO Session $250

3-Hour VIP Intensive

The 3-Hour Intensive goes a little deeper where we will discuss your business financial needs and map out a plan in this extended session. We will work side by side to get your business finance questions answered and plan a strategy moving forward.

3-Hour VIP Intensive starts at $1,000

Your CFO for the Day

With a VIP Day, you get me as your CFO for the day working on your business. We will set goals for the day, then I will get to work during the day to meet those goals. We will close-out the day with a call and any training you need to keep the momentum going.

CFO for the Day VIP Session starts at $2,000

All VIP sessions come with one-week of email and Voxer support.

Fill out the information form and we will chat about your business needs and what VIP session would be the best fit for you.


Some past VIP sessions have included QuickBooks Setups, QuickBooks Clean-Ups, Over the Shoulder Bookkeeping Reviews, Business Financial Goal Planning, Cash Projection Mapping, Business Budgeting, Data Dashboard Fixes, Mini Dashboard Builds, Spreadsheet Automation Build Outs, and more.

Depending on the size of the project and the time it will take to complete, your business need may not be a good fit for a VIP session, but I always like to get as much information as possible on a discovery call before we decide if the VIP session is the best fit for you.

With all VIP sessions, I want to make sure that we set a clear goal at the beginning of the session and make sure you walk away what you expected and more. If more time is required while we are on the session, I will always let you know and we can discuss follow-up options and any additional work time necessary if you need my involvement.

This is also why I include one-week of follow-up questions via email and Voxer so we can be sure you are set.

VIP sessions can be a great way to get what you need quickly without having to sign a long-term contract. Many business owners find that they just need help from an expert for a short-period of time and can manage after the VIP session and sometimes that is the best fit for them and their business. I want to help clients OWN their numbers, so my goal is to always make sure you walk away feeling more confident about your numbers than when we started.

I find that it works best if we have a 30-minute call to chat about your business needs, so I can better evaluate if we can achieve your goals in a single VIP session or if it’s better suited for a longer project or retainer. As we discuss your needs, I will suggest what I think is best based on my expertise and allow you to choose what you feel most comfortable with.

Yes! I want to be sure that you receive all the information you need to keep the momentum moving forward. I provide one-week of email and Voxer support so you can ask any lingering questions and we can be sure you are confident and OWN your numbers that we worked on during your VIP session.

Ready to get started?

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